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Practical information


Bygstad is situated in the municipality of Gaular in Sunnfjord, ab 20km from the city of Førde.

Driving from Bergen you leave E39 at Sande, and follow rv 607 towards Dale, follow signs to Bygstad.

Driving from from Førde you leave E39 at Storehaug to rv57 towards Bygstad. Map over the area;

You can go by plane to Førde airport, Bringeland(FDE). Widerøe has daily planes direct to and from Bergen and Oslo. www.

There are daily buses from Oslo and Trondheim, and there are local bus-lines in the county, some of them ends in Førde.

The centre of the arrangement is Sveen at Bygstad. Sveen hosts secretary functions, food, showers and car parking. There will be entertainment all day, prize ceremony at 16.00 and dance on the pier in the evening.

There will be road signs to “Storehesten opp” along E 39.


You will get your starting number at the secretariat in the hall at Sveen.

The secretariat is open at the following hours:

Friday 24th June: 18-20
Saturday 25th June: 08-10 (competition class) and 08-start (keep-fit groups)


Competition: Sveen at 12.09

“Keep-fit” competition: Stølshaugane at 12.09

“Keep-fit” start at Stølshaugane (410 m above sea level) at the end of the forest road from Berge/Rytnane between 09.00 and 11.00. Participants in the keep-fit group will have free bus transport to Stølshaugane.


Everyone in the competition class should wear a backpack of 2.5 kilos. There are scales at start and there will be spot tests on the top. We encourage everybody to bring wind and waterproof clothes since the weather changes rapidly in the mountains.